Head of Department:
Dr. Stefan T. Hertwig

Section Ornithology
Dr. Manuel Schweizer

Section Herpetology and Ichthyology
Dr. Lukas Rüber

Section Canine Research and Osteology

Dr. Marc Nussbaumer                    

Section Archaeozoology
Dr. Marc Nussbaumer
Dr. André Rehazek

Main fields of interest and specialization
Biodiversity, morphology, functional morphology, biogeography, taxonomy and systematics in different taxa of vertebrate animals. The vertebrate animals department is equipped with molecular genetic and histological laboratories.

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Currently our work focuses on the following issues:
  • Biodiversity and phylogeny of amphibians in southeast Asia (see HerpetologyFrogs of Borneo)
  • Biodiversity and phylogeny of fishes in southeast Asia
  • Evolution of parrots
  • Archaeozoology
  • Canine research
Access to Vertebrate Animals collections and sample requests
In case of questions or requests concerning these collections, please feel free to contact either the responsible for the different parts of the collections: