Main vertebrate research topics are

Biodiversity, morphology, functional morphology, biogeography, taxonomy and systematics in different taxa of vertebrates.

Currently our work focuses on the following issues:
Dr. Stefan T. Hertwig:
Biodiversity and phylogeny of amphibians in southeast Asia (see Herpetology, Frogs of Borneo)
Dr. Lukas Rüber:
Biodiversity and biogeography of Southeast Asian freshwater fishes, evolution of gobies, speciation in cichlid radiations

Dr. Manuel Schweizer:
Macroevolution, biogeography, phylogeography, phylogenetics and systematics of birds using molecular genetic, morphological and occurrence data

Dr. Marc Nussbaumer:
Canine research and Archaeozoology

Dr. André Rehazek:                                                                                                                    Archaeozoology

The vertebrate department is equipped with a molecular genetic laboratory for phylogenetic DNA analyses. Head of laboratory: Dr. Stefan T. Hertwig, scientific staff: Manuel Schweizer.
Our histological laboratory is equipped for morphological analyses including slide sectioning using different techniques of staining and embedding. Technical assistant: Beatrice Blöchlinger.