Dr. Thomas Burri

Earth Sciences 0041 31 350 72 42 e-mail

Scientific Collaborator at the Departement Earth Sciences

I'm responsible for the development and maintenance of the Petrologic/Mineralogic- and the Meteorites-Databases as well as for the inventory of petrologic- and meteorite-samples. Furthermore I’m working on the organization and extension of the petrological collection.

Within the framework of different projects I use Geographic Information Systems GIS for inventory purposes, consistency checks and data-visualization.

An important part of the work is public relation work and the exchange with our visitors.


In my "previous scientific life", I studied high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Ticino area of southern Switzerland - more precisely I investigated high pressure- (eclogitic) and partially molten rocks (migmatites) of the Alpine orogeny. In the last years, after a 4 years loop in applied geology, I’ve worked at ETH Zurich, mainly on cartographic- and GIS- issues as well as on database projects, often in collaboration with the Swiss Geological Survey or the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.

Thanks to several mandates for the Swiss Geological Survey I’m still scientifically connected to high metamorphic rocks in the Ticino area. The mandates comprise the elaboration of a geological map sheet 1:25’000, the collaboration on project HARMOS (harmonization of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25’000) and review-work on several map sheets.

Museum-internally I’m involved in the meteorite project, mainly in doing fieldwork in the Oman and supervising the Meteorite-Database and -collection.


Since several years I'm redactor of the" Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Bern NGB” (Academy of Natural Science Berne) as well as of the “Schweizerische Gesellschaft für historische Bergbauforschung SGHB”(Swiss Society for Mining History). In these roles, I sustain authors in their works rather than to write my own articles.


Publications in the context of the museum:

William Lergier, Thomas Burri (2003): Die Jungfrau-Region im Berner Oberland, Schweiz: Mineralien, Gesteine und geologische Attraktionen. Lapis, Jg.28, Nr.6, S13-43

Thomas Burri, Roger Widmer, Katharina Conradin (2012): Bergwerksruinen – Nur Schrott oder kulturelle Hinterlassenschaft? Minaria Helvetica, 31, 11-16

Thomas Burri (2013): Der Ozean im Turtmanntal – oder wie man sich geologische Informationen beschafft, Minaria Helvetica, 32, 11-27

Collaboration for the publication of the Swiss Geological Survey: "Geologie Schweiz - das Wissen aus dem Untergrund

Thomas Burri (2014): Mittelmoränen - Rezension zum neuen Buch von Gerhart Wagner, Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Bern, 71, 175-187

Ivan Mercolli, Alfons Berger, Thomas Burri (2014): Feuer aus dem Erdinnern: Vulkanismus und Fluide am Kaiserstuhl, Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Bern, 71, 59-76

Lead of the mineralogy/petrography practical-course at the Institute for Geology, University of Bern (temporary lectureship).

Supervision of bachelor-, master- and doctoral students of the museum.