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Nature and culture, fear and courage, fantasy and catastrophe: "Apocalypse" - the new exhibition


Advance notice «Apocalypse – End Without End»

On the 10th of November the new exhibition «Apocalypse – End Without End» opens in the Natural History Museum...

Snakeheads – new study brings order into species chaos

As the protagonists of a number of horror B-movies snakehead fishes have been portrayed as highly aggressive...

Bern-based initiative to investigate the full extent of spider diversity within 30 years

In a project as ambitious as it is unusual, 34 research partners have recently come together in an initiative...

Delicate creature discovered in lost world

It was an expedition straight out of an adventure novel. A team of researchers led by the scientist Dr....

Meteorite hunters and scientists discover one of Europe's most extensive meteorite strewn fields in the Swiss Jura

Scientists from the Naturhistorischen Museum der Burgergemeinde Bern, the University of Bern and a group of...

«Rock Fossils» Special Exhibition: The Secret Love Affair between Science, Heavy Metal and Punk Rock

«Rock Fossils – Yes, it’s Love» (March 18 through May 31, 2015) Today a spectacular exhibition with the title...

Swiss scientists honour Bruno Manser on his 60th birthday

Two newly discovered animal species remember the missing Borneo rainforest advocate   A team of Swiss...

Barry – an exhibition for a Swiss icon

Barry, the most famous rescue dog in the world, died 200 years ago yet remains a legend to this day. The...